Mademoiselle Valerie...

Young lady in her early twenties that enjoys the most beautiful things in life. I am an old soul, an artist, a passionate individual. Refined, classy and feminine are the words that describe me the best. Well educated, I am currently in University. My charms are in my delightful curves. You will love to caress my natural beautiful body à la Marilyn Monroe. I am a very open minded young gal, with fresh innocent looks. My smile is to die for, I am clumsy, I love to laugh, I have this spark, and I leave joy everywhere I go. Lovable, sweet and tender are also words we use to portray Mademoiselle Valerie...I will leave you smiling, even days after our memorable date.

I have a very feminine essence, a mix of vintage lover, girl next door and college student. I have this little pin up look due to my naturally curvaceous body. Pastel and bright colors are my all time go-to. When I walk into a room, all eyes and heads are drawn to me...One men I have truly loved always used to tell me: « The most beautiful women have curves, where you lose mind, and where you know exactly where to put your hands ».

I have always been curious, and this curiosity has led me into this beautiful sensual world. I have always dreamt of romance and seduction. I love to get intimate and deep with amazing people. You give me a piece of your soul, as I give you a piece of mine. And these pieces we exchange are our little secret, your story may change the way I see the world, and my essence will make you fall in love with life all over again...


Let me be your escape from your everyday life. You are hardworking, and you deserve the finest things. I can be your secret mistress, the one you come to after a long week at work. I can be your date for a beautiful evening in a fancy hotel, where we will sip champagne, eat strawberries and enjoy where this dream leads us to. I will be the one who will make you smile, the lady you were dreaming of, the one who will fulfill your deepest fantasies. Let me be the spark you were longing to...Life is too short.. So leave me a love note... Let me know I was exactly what you were looking for...


Height: 5 ft 3

Cup size: 32DD Naturals

Panties: Small 

Eye colour: Hazel

Hair colour: Blonde

Shoe size: 6,5/37 EU

Tattoos: A few discreet ones

Age: 20's

Languages spoken: French, English, Some Spanish

Zodiac Sign: Leo

Here are what my lovers said about me. You can find my latest reviews here.

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