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1. What is the best way to contact you?

As a full-time student, my schedule is limited. Companionship is not my only endeavor. I will always give priority to longer appointments and regular clients. My schedule will be found in the contact section of my website. If you would like to meet me outside of my planned schedule, please let me know, I'll try to do my best to accommodate you. Please fill out the contact form, you can also reach me by text message to (438) 455-6500 or you can send me an email to:


2. Are you opened to meet with ladies and couples?

I am bisexual, it would be a pleasure to meet with lady lovers. It will be also my pleasure to add a little spark to a couple's intimate life. I absolutely love it when people are curious and when they want to try new things. I will be honored to be the one to make you discover the pleasure of three. 


3. What is your cancellation policy?

I reserve my time in advance for my lovers. I will appreciate it that you treat our appointment as any kind of professional appointment. I will appreciate it that you contact me at least 24h in advance to reserve a date. To secure a booking, a 25% deposit will be required. If you have to cancel our appointment less than 24h before, I will request a 50% deposit fee. I will accept e-transfers or a gift card of my choice. 


4. Will you agree to sign a non-disclosure agreement?

I do understand the value of discretion and I will agree to sign a non-disclosure agreement. Everything that happens will stay between us. 

5. What are your expectations before starting our date?

If I'm hosting, I will kindly ask you to take a shower, even though you may have taken one before coming. Everything you will need will be put at your disposal: soap, deodorant, mouthwash, mints. On my side, I will always be freshly showered with a touch of perfume. A lady should always be pretty from her head to her toes. If you host the appointment, I will appreciate that you will be freshly groomed at the time of my arrival. Hygiene and respect are the most important in these encounters. This being done, we will have more time to appreciate each other's company. 


6. What informations do you require to book a date?


Screening information will be asked to ensure my security. You can kindly send your Linked-In profile (with picture) or include your piece of ID in my contact form or in your first email. I also accept a P411 ID or a reference of a fellow independent provider. I understand privacy is very important and I assure you these pieces of information will be kept for myself and destroyed after our date.​

7. May I use your name as a reference? 

If we met in the last 6 months, it would be my pleasure to be your reference. To avoid confusion, please contact me before. If I can't remember you, I can't vouch for you. Please note that you can only use me as a reference for a maximum of 2 occasions.

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