Travel dates (FMTY)

For the ones who are curious, « FMTY » stands for Fly Me To You. This being said, I am available on demand for FMTY arrangements. I am available for domestic travel dates, USA and international FMTY'S.

Travel expenses (Business class flight or Business Train Ticket) must be payed in full at the time of the booking along with 50% deposit of my rate. 

Rates are listed in CAD for domestic dates and in USD for international dates. Rates can also be payed in the equivalent local currency, please inquire before.

6h - 3000$

8h - 4000$

Overnight (15h) - 5000$

Full day (24h) - 6000$

2 days (48h) - 10 000$

3 days (72h) - 14 000$

Each Additional day - 3000$

Whole week - 20 000$

Couples: Please inquire!