I will always put my schedule for this week and next week online. Please allow a 24h notice to book an appointment. My time and your time are precious. You can leave me your informations below or contact me by text message: (438) 807-9684. To secure a booking, a deposit of 50$ will be asked. 

I will appreciate that you will be freshly groomed at the time of my arrival. Hygiene and respect are the most important in these encounters. This being done, we will have more time to appreciate each other's company.

Cancellation: If you have to reschedule our date, more than 24h before, it will be my pleasure to change the time and date. I do understand certain situations may happen in life, emergencies, things that are out of our control. If you have to cancel our appointment less than 24h before, I will request a 25% deposit fee. I will accept e-transfers or a gift card of my choice. If I have to cancel our appointment, I will accord you a discount on our next rendez-vous, or a 30 min extent to it. Please understand. 



This week: August 3rd - August 8th

Sunday: From 17h

Monday: 15h-22h

Tuesday: 15h-22h

Wednesday: Off

Thursday: 18h00-00h

Friday: 18h00-00h

Saturday: Off

Next week: August 9th - August 15th

Sunday: From 17h 

Monday: 15h-22h

Tuesday: 15h-22h

Wednesday: Off

Thursday: 18h00-00h

Friday: Off

Saturday: Off

Your informations
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